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    Recent research supported by IEBHPE

    The program is pursuing a two-fold program of research: 1) what are the best ways to teach health professionals and 2) what is the best evidence that they have to learn and build into their practice.

    Ebell MH, Williamson M, Schofill, J. Effectiveness of oseltamivir in adults: a meta-analysis of published and unpublished clinical trials. Fam Pract 2012; in press

    Ebell MH, Lundgren J, Youngpairoj S. How long does a cough last? Comparing patient expectations with a systematic review of the literature. Ann Fam Med 2012; in press

    Afonso AM, Ebell  MH, Gonzales, R, Stein J, Genton B, Senn N. The use of classification and regression trees to predict the likelihood of seasonal influenza. Fam Pract 2012; March 16, ePub ahead of print.

    Wolfrey J, Brown SR, Ebell MH, Geng J. Continuing education that matters: A successful, evidence-based course without pharmaceutical funding. J Cont Ed Health Prof 2012; in press.

    Ebell MH, Afonso AM, Gonzales R, Stein J, Blaise G, Senn N. Development and Validation of a Clinical Decision Rule for the Diagnosis of Influenza. J Am Board Fam Med 2012; 25(1): 55-62

    Ebell MH, Afonso AM. Pre-arrest predictors of failure to survive after in-hospital cardiopulmonary resuscitation: a meta-analysis. Fam Pract 2011; 28(5): 505-515

    Ebell, M. H., Cervero, R., Joaquin, E. Questions asked by physicians as the basis for continuing education needs assessment. Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions 2011; 31(1): 3-14.

    Projects currently underway

      1. Determining physician thresholds for clinical decision-making
      2. What are the questions of practicing veterinarians?
      3. Systematic review of clinical diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis
      4. Systematic review of clinical decision rules for appendicitis