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    Affiliate Application


    Become a Member of the Affiliate Faculty

    of the Institute for Evidence-Based Health Professions Education!

    Jointly sponsored by the College of Public Health and the College of Education, the Institute for Evidence-Based Health Professions Education is intended to provide a forum for engagement and scholarship for all faculty and staff involved in the education of evidence-based health professionals at the University of Georgia and beyond.  Our Advisory Board includes faculty from the Colleges and Schools of Education, Public Health, Family and Consumer Sciences, Social Work, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine, and from the GRU/UGA Medical Partnership.

    As a member of the Affiliate Faculty, you would be encouraged to

    • attend and present at seminars and the spring conference
    • collaborate on scholarship and research
    • be available to students from multiple health-related professions
    • network with fellow healthcare scholars and educators, exchanging ideas about how to best educate evidence-based practitioners and future leaders for the health professions.

    To apply for Affiliate Faculty status, complete the application and send it to us with a copy of your current curriculum vitae.


    Questions? Contact either of the Institute’s Co-Directors:

    Mark Ebell, M.D., M.S. ( or Anne Marcotte, Ph.D. (